Jan 25, 2021 | posted by Conner Williams

The new Furbo Dog Camera with Treat Tosser is a great way to keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re away. It features an accompanying app that lets you take a photo or video from the camera’s live feed, toss a treat, get selfies sent to you, check on pet sitters, and even speak to your pet through a 2-way microphone. The camera also has a barking alert that detects when your dog is barking or reports when it detects human activity. The alert sends a push notification to your phone when it senses barking, allowing you to know what’s going on at home and to be able to talk to your dog or toss a treat to comfort them.

A stable, reliable WiFi connection is necessary for best performance. That means this device pairs perfectly with DirectLink’s WiFi Home Networking service, ensuring that wherever the Furbo Dog Camera is placed in your home, it’ll be connected to the best network available.

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