Jun 16, 2021 | posted by Conner Williams

New System Launched to Help Block Unwanted Spam Calls

Tired of hearing about your car’s manufacturer warranty nearing expiration when you don’t even have one? How about that offer for a free cruise that’s completely real and not a very obvious scam? Well, we’ve got good news! As in, actual good news, not a scam claiming to have good news.

Per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, DirectLink has enacted a new universal spam call blocking function called Robocall Mitigation. The FCC requires all United States communications providers to implement this element as of July 1, 2021 as an effort to better address the issue of constant robocalls. This national system works to block outbound spam calls that originate in each provider’s service area. This allows for spam calls to be recognized and blocked from being made in the first place. Plus, since every telephone provider in the U.S. is required to support the system, your mobile phone provider should block these unwanted calls too!

Members that have selected Robocall Blocking as one of their calling features within a qualifying telephone bundle can add another feature in its place. Visit your SmartHub account online or call in to our Member Services Team to select a replacement calling feature. In addition, if you subscribed to Robocall Blocking through an a la carte option, you will no longer see the service listed on your monthly bill as of July 1. The new Robocall Mitigation system will automatically be applied to your Voice service at no charge.

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