Feb 18, 2021 | posted by Conner Williams

Dear members,

Establishing, maintaining, and restoring your communication connections to family and friends is our main priority. This is true not only during the past weekend throughout the extreme weather, but every day. We wish to extend our sincerest appreciation of your patience and understanding as the DirectLink crews worked around the clock to keep services on as well as restore services during these difficult conditions.

At the moment, DirectLink’s network infrastructure is fully operational. If you are still unable to connect to your Internet or TV service, it is likely tied to a nearby commercial power outage. Without electrical power, the network devices in your home (including WiFi) cannot connect to DirectLink services. Telephone land line service (if you subscribe to it) may still function during power outages, however.

The DirectLink Member Services team is available and happy to help. Please reach out to us at 503.266.8111 in Canby or 503.845.2291 in Mt. Angel with any questions.

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Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291