Jul 15, 2021 | posted by Conner Williams

If you’ve ever visited the Canby DirectLink location or called into either office, you were likely greeted by a cheerful woman with an infectious smile and a welcoming attitude. For 22 years, Susan Peach served the DirectLink cooperative with dedication and helped each member as if they were family. In that time, Susan became one of the most visible (and audible) representatives of the company, and many enjoyed calling in to speak with her when they needed help. 

“I’ve referred to her many times as ‘the voice of DirectLink,’” said Billing Services Manager Sharon Puhlman. “[It is] her friendliness and the way she loves her [members]. They love to speak with her.” 

Susan’s reputation for being kind, helpful, and genuine earned her a bit of a fanbase among the DirectLink membership. 

“One day, I was covering the phones and the voice on the other end said, ‘You’re not Susan, where is Susan?’ I assured them that she was on a well-deserved vacation and that she would be back soon,” Sharon said. 

“Susan was very member-focused,” said Michelle Madison, Member Services Supervisor. “She greeted them by name and made them feel important.” 

Susan took pride in her job and in making sure that people were taken care of. She hopes she leaves a legacy of respect and hard work. 

“I got along with everybody, and I just hope that they remember me as somebody friendly and willing to do the job and willing to take on extra ‘whatever,’” Susan said. 

She was often recruited to help with other projects throughout the company and across departments, lending a hand where she could with a smile on her face. 

“Susan was a fabulous employee; you could count on her to be here every day,” Sharon said. “She is a go-getter and always quickly completed assigned tasks.” 

In addition to her commitment to the cooperative, Susan actively volunteered in the Canby and Mt. Angel communities for local events and organizations, like the Canby Adult Center, Canby Independence Day Celebration, Slice of Summer, and North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity builds.

Above: Susan Peach (right) helps put up a home's wall at a NWV Habitat for Humanity build 

Susan said she enjoyed building relationships with people and looked forward to helping people over the phone or in the office. 

“I enjoyed the interactions with all the members and my coworkers,” Susan said. I made friends with people over the phone and in person, people that I recognized that came in over the years. It kept me going all day.” 

Susan said she plans to spend most of her new free time with her grandkids and traveling, and she’s been known to enjoy the occasional ATV ride. 

“Susan worked a long time to prepare for her big day,” Michelle said. “We are all so happy for her.” 

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