Jan 1, 2023 | posted by Jason Nugent

Your Internet. Supersized.

OMNI by DirectLink will soon be distributed to active residential members on a fiber connection. This groundbreaking all in one new service will add an abundance of security, built in WiFi, included network benefits, and state of the art features to your fiber subscription. Look for a future notice from DirectLink to schedule your complimentary equipment upgrade.

Why the change?

As your local internet provider, we constantly look toward the future to ensure we provide speeds, features, and services so that you have the best possible experience. OMNI's all in one solution, included app, and free WiFi equipment is exactly that - the best possible experience for you.

When can I upgrade my equipment to OMNI?

  • Equipment upgrades will start in February 2023 and will continue until all members on a fiber connection receive a new WiFi unit. Due to the popularity of the fiber service, this process could take 12 or more months to reach all members. Once installed, you will have access to the OMNI IQ app and its network management elements, parental controls and added network security. In the meantime, enjoy the reliable, faster speeds included in our new tiers.
  • You will be contacted by a DirectLink representative when your service group is scheduled to switch to OMNI equipment.

Do I have to upgrade my equipment?

An equipment change will be necessary when we get to your service group. The DirectLink team will then reach out to you to find the most convenient time to schedule the upgrade appointment.

Learn more at DirectLink.coop/internet

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