Like most small businesses today, you rely heavily on technology to run your operations and connect with customers. From keeping track of inventory and financials to communicating with employees and partners, a secure and reliable network is essential for success.

OMNI Pro Secure Managed Network Service


Secure managed network includes firewalls, intrusion detection, prevention, and regular security updates.


Enjoy a reliable, fast and dedicated Fiber Optic Internet connection from the highest rated provider in town.


Exclusive Business/Owner WiFi Network Control through the included easy to use app*.


Quickly set up a Dedicated Point of Sale (POS) WiFi Network with backup option.

Increase Revenues

Provide a free guest network to patrons that could help increased customer satisfaction and revenues.

All this is included in your DirectLink OMNI Pro internet subscription and are backed by the superior member support team at DirectLink, your local communications provider. We're Here For You.



The OMNI Pro IQ smartphone app gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your small business network. Through the app you can manage your WiFi networks, configure a backup internet connection, and more. OMNI Pro IQ puts you in charge!

Coming Soon

One simple price, no hidden monthly fees, contracts or data limits.


Everyday Price:
per month
100 Mbps download
50 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts


Everyday Price:
per month
250 Mbps download
125 Mbps upload*
Broadband Facts


Everyday Price:
per month
500 Mbps download
250 Mbps upload*
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Everyday Price:
per month
1000 Mbps download
500 Mbps upload*
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All OMNI Pro packages include:
Full Installation of the Fastest, Most Reliable, and Secure Network.
Business Grade Cyber Security
From POS to staff and customer guest networks, built-in security and proactive network traffic monitoriing, OMNI Pro protects you from cyber threats.
Unmatched Network Solutions
OMNI Pro fits your needs. From securing business-critical POS network systems to business-optimizing staff networks, to branded customer portals for customer networks, OMNI Pro has you covered.
Always On Connectivity
Network resiliency keeps your business running with a cellular connection if your fiber connection ever goes down.
The OMNI Pro IQ app
Put the power of OMNI Pro in your hands. Monitor and manage each element of the OMNI Pro solution to match the unique needs of your small business. Set up service-specific networks, enable network security, create a branded customer WiFi portal, and minimize costly disruption during network outages with cellular-based network resilience.
Coming Soon
Customer Laptop

Free WiFi and Why Your Business Needs to Offer it.

Businesses that offer free WiFi have reported an increase in sales.

A report by found that 79% of businesses consider offering free WiFi a competitive advantage, with many believing it to be essential to their operations.

Customers are more likely to be satisfied with a business that offers free WiFi.

A recent study found that 71% of customers are more likely to return to a business that offers WiFi, while 64% said that they would spend more time in a venue with WiFi.

Customers who are satisfied with a business are more likely to return to it in the future.

According to a survey by Small Business Trends, 62% of businesses that offer free WiFi see an increase in customer loyalty.

Customers who are using the free WiFi at a business are more likely to visit the business's website.

According to a survey by Cisco, 47% of customers are likely to share their location and other personal information with businesses in exchange for free WiFi. Businesses can use the data that they collect from customers who use the free WiFi to improve their marketing efforts and to better understand their customers.

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*The OMNI Pro IQ Google Play Store and Apple App Store application coming soon.