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MyTech℠ is a call-in service that covers unlimited calls, for most devices within the home (including smartphones, tablets, gaming systems and TV’s), for a low monthly subscription rate.
Services Provided:
Troubleshooting and Repair - We'll help you identify and fix your computer problems as well as help you learn how to avoid and prevent future issues.
Virus and Spyware Removal - Ever been infected? We'll help you with removal of viruses, spyware, phishing and malware without harming your personal data.
Tune Up - We'll review, diagnose and adjust a variety of settings which will help computers operate more efficiently.
Install Software Updates - We'll help you upgrade existing software and troubleshoot software issues.
Diagnose Operating Systems - We'll diagnose computer crashes, lock ups and performance lag as well as perform operating system patches as needed.
Assist with Wired or Wireless* Home Networking Devices - We provide assistance with setting up your home network and help add computers and other devices to your existing network. We'll troubleshoot and repair network connections and firewalls. We'll configure adapters for desktops, gaming consoles, media devices, smart phones and more! If you add DirectLink's WiFi networking service you'll get a fully supported and pre-configured wireless network.
Software and Devices Supported:
Computers - We support laptops, netbooks and desktops with Windows 10 & the latest Mac OSX.
Smart Phones - We fully support the iPhone Apple platform as well as Android phones such as Motorola, Samsung, HTC etc.
Tablets and eBook Readers - Android and Apple based tablets (including iPad and iPod devices). Kindle & Kindle Fire, Nook & other eBook readers.
Gaming Consoles - Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PS4, Nintendo Switch.
Blu-ray & TVs - Any Internet capable/ready device.
Printers - Network and wireless* printers.

*Wireless support available with DirectLink's WiFi Home Networking service only. The MyTech℠ Monthly Recurring Charge requires a 12-month term commitment. Click here to view the MyTech℠ Service Agreement