Phone Status

Call Manager allows you to view and configure settings for all of your incoming calls.


The summary tab provides a description of how calls you receive will be handled, taking into account the settings for all of your incoming call services and any interactions between them.

This description enables you to confirm that services you have configured will have the desired effect on your calls. If the description does not match the behavior you would expect, then it is possible that services you have configured are interacting or overriding one another. If a service is interacting with another service, or being overridden, then a Warning Icon icon will appear on the configuration page for that service. Click this icon for further information.


You are subscribed to the following call forwarding services.

  • Immediate. Calls are forwarded as soon as you receive them.
  • Busy. Calls are forwarded whenever your line is busy. If you have multiple (twinned) devices then this service only applies if all of your devices are busy (or reject the call).
  • No Answer.

    Calls are forwarded if you do not answer your phone within a certain time.

The forwarding tab also provides access to your Forwarding Destinations. These are numbers that you regularly forward calls to, and that you preconfigure for ease of use.


  • Do Not Disturb
    When do not disturb is enabled your phone will not ring. Callers will either be forwarded to another number or hear an announcement that you do not wish to be disturbed, depending on your other call service settings.

Screening List Editing

A number of incoming call services require you to configure a list of callers that the service will selectively apply to. Such a list is referred to as a screening list.

You should always use the full number including the area code. It is not possible to add callers with other number types (e.g. international callers).

Screening lists may also contain entries for anonymous callers (people that withheld their number when calling you). Such entries may only be added to the list by dialing the appropriate service access code on your telephone after receiving such a call (and before receiving any other calls). The last entry in the list view tells you how many anonymous callers are currently in your list (if there are any). To remove all such numbers from your list, click on the icon for this entry. It is not possible to remove anonymous numbers from your list without removing all of them.

Warning: once you have removed anonymous callers from your list, it is not possible to add them back until they call you again.

Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291