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Ensure your new home has the most reliable internet connection.

Click here to add the Fiber Homes Zillow extension to your browser.

Most folks know what they want when house hunting: number of bedrooms and bathrooms, close to schools, energy efficient, etc. But just as important is a high-speed internet connection.

It’s especially true in today’s world with more people working from home, streaming shows and movies, adding security cameras, seeing doctors online, and playing games. Imagine finding a great home that meets everything on your checklist, only to have unreliable, slow internet.

DirectLink has partnered with Fiber Homes to make it easier for prospective buyers to find a home equipped with high-speed fiber optic internet service. Fiber Homes has even created an internet browser extension that works with Zillow. Once it's loaded into your browser, any listing you look at on Zillow will tell you if the home has a fiber connection or not, and the service provider. That way, you know even before you schedule a walk-through if the property has access to fast and reliable speeds.

Note: An extension or plugin is essentially an extra tool that works in the background when you're surfing the internet using a browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on a laptop or desktop. For example, some can check your grammar, block ads, or manage your passwords. Be aware that at this time, the Zillow extension does not work on smartphones or tablets.

Click here to add the Fiber Homes Zillow extension to your browser.

Fiber Homes extension

Not searching in Canby or Mt. Angel?

The plug in will still work and suggest who the provider at that location might be. However, many companies in Oregon have registered with Fiber Homes to help you in your search.

Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291