Voice Mail Setup

No matter where you are—on the phone or on the go—we’ll make sure you won’t miss those important calls!
Free yourself from your answering machine with the flexible features of Voice Mail.

  • Takes messages while you are on the phone. Callers will never hear a busy signal when they call you!
  • Easy access to your messages. Dial one number from your desk to retrieve messages. Gain remote access to your messages from any touch-tone phone.
  • Avoids equipment worries. No machine to maintain or to clutter a countertop. No loss of messages in the event of a power surge.
  • Protects your privacy. Only people with your voice mail pass code can listen to your messages.

Before you can make full use of your voice mail service you will need to set up your account. To set up your account you must dial into the voice mail system from the home or business telephone line that your voice mail service is activated on. To connect to the voice mail system simply Press [*98].

The first time you call your mailbox, you will be greeted by the message center’s tutorial that will guide you through the service initialization process. You must complete the tutorial in order to begin using your mailbox. You will be asked to:

  • Select a PIN between 4 to 10 digits.
    For maximum account security, your PIN (password) should be 4 to 10 numbers in length. It cannot repeat more than two numbers in a row or sequentially and it should not be similar to your home or office telephone number.
  • Record your name.
  • Choose a greeting to play to callers before they leave a message.

After you have initialized your voice mail box you can access your mailbox from your home or office location, or from anywhere in the world!

  • Option #1: Dial [*98] from your home or office telephone line to be directly connected to your voice mail box. You will be asked to enter your PIN.
  • Option #2: Dial your home or office telephone number and Press and hold [*] to bypass your greeting and enter the voice mail system. You will be asked to enter your PIN.
  • Option #3: *Dial the message center at 503.266.7020. Enter your 10-digit home or office telephone number followed by your PIN.

When voice mail messages are available on the system the "To Listen to your messages will be the first option"!

To leave this mailbox and log on as another subscriber Press[7]

  • Logon as another subscriber would require another voice mail box on the system.

To get more Help Press[0]

  • The help option will present you with a system tutorial

To exit Voice Mail press [*]

After you have erased a message, you can still play and restore the message for 24-hours from your mailbox. At any time while listening to your erased messages, you can Press [#] to skip to the next erased message. You can also Press [*] to return to the Main menu.

  • Press [6] from the main menu to manage your erased messages
    • To Repeat Press [1]
    • To Restore Press [2]
    • To Permanently Delete Press [3]
    • To Reply Press [4]
    • To Send a Copy Press [5]
    • To Get your next message Press [#]

You can Press the following common keys at any point, in any menu.

  • Press [8] to pause activity for 30 seconds Press any key to continue.
  • Pressing [*] repeatedly to work you way back through the menus until you reach the main menu.
  • Press [#] when recording will indicate the end of the input; otherwise it is used to move forward in a list of options.
  • Press [0] at any time to get help.

You can Press any of the following options while listening to your messages.

  • Press and hold [6] to increase the volume of the message.
  • Press [7] to slow the playback of the message.
  • Press [8] to pause playback of the message for up to 20 seconds.
  • Press [9] to speed up the playback of the message.
  • Press [77] to skip back 5 seconds.
  • Press [99] to skip forward 5 seconds.

Reminders is an intuitive feature that allows you to create your own voice recording of a task or event to remember. Reminders will call your home phone at a time you decide. When the phone is answered, press [1] and your voice recording will play, reminding you of the task or event.

Accessing Reminders

Reminders can be accessed by pressing [5] in the voice mail menu via your home telephone or by selecting Settings/Reminders within the  MyVoice portal.

Receiving Reminders

Reminders will make 4 attempts to deliver the reminder message.  The Caller ID (if active) will display the telephone number on which Reminders is activated. When answered, the recipient is prompted to press [1] to hear the reminder message.  If the reminder call is not answered, or [1] is not pressed, a message is delivered to the account voice mail informing that:

  • There was a missed reminder
  • When the reminder was originally scheduled for delivery
  • How many attempts were made to deliver the message
  • What the recorded reminder message was
Canby: 503.266.8111
Mt. Angel: 503.845.2291