IPTV Support

DirectLink is one of the first service providers in the US to offer Television service using Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). The Television service uses a fully digitalized signal using a broadband connection. You will have a set-top box (STB) connected for each of your televisions and those STBs will be getting a signal from a modem or a fiber connection. If you are having any issues with your TV service as far as connectivity, picture quality, or services please contact us for help.

Click here for the full Digital TV User Guide

Click here for the full Channel Lineup for IPTV

Remote Control Basics

If you are looking for a basic reference for using your remote control, such as turning your TV on/off, changing channels, adjusting the volume, and more, click here.

Remote Control Programming Instructions

If you have set up a new TV you will need to program your DirectLink remote to work with it. Click here for setup instructions on programming the remote for your TV, and other remote references.

Navigating the Guide

The Guide shows the channel listing for current and future programming. You bring it up using the "Guide" button on your remote and you can navigate it using the arrow buttons. For more information on accessing and navigating the guide click here.

Using the DVR

The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to record currently running programs, future events or automatically record series. It also allows you to pause and rewind live TV. For more information on the DVR service as well as steps for various functions click here.