Willow Remote

The remote control can also be programmed to operate certain functions of your TV set. To program this functionality then perform the following instructions in sequence. In case of a mistake, the process can be exited at any point by pressing and holding the Text/SHIFT button and then at the same time pressing the STOP button. The remote control will revert to normal operation and no TV brand code will be stored.

To program the remote for your TV you will need to locate the codes for your TV manufacturer which can be found here. Once you locate the brand of your TV in the list, there will be a list of codes to try. Start with the first code and use the following steps:

  1. Determine the manufacturer of your TV set.
  2. Look up the 4-digit manufacturer code here and make a note of this code.
  3. Make sure your TV set is turned on. (The Set Top Box does not need to be turned on to perform this programing feature).
  4. Press and hold both the 1 and the 3 buttons at the same time on the remote for approximately 3 seconds until the TV standby button remains lit, then release both buttons.
  5. Now enter the 4 digit manufacturer code for your TV set. On each digit entry the TV standby button will flash. On entry of the 4th digit the TV standby button will flash then remain lit.
  6. Point the remote control at the TV set and press and hold down the TV Standby Button or the Mute button on the remote control.
  7. When the TV either turns off or brings up the MUTE symbol on screen, then release that button. This may take a few minutes to happen.
  8. Press and hold the Text/SHIFT button and then at the same time press the STOP button to finish setting up the TV control mode.

If you can't get any of the codes to work or have any other questions regarding issues with your remote please contact Technical Support.

The TV standby button will go out. The TV control function is now programmed into the remote control.

The following buttons should now operate the TV set: TV Standby, AV source select, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute

If not all the above mentioned buttons operate the TV set then a KEY FIX operation can be performed. (See page 6).

Should the TV model be changed and the remote control requires re-programming then repeat the above setup procedure with the new TV.

Should the TV brand be not successfully found by the remote control then the TV standby button will flash rapidly and the remote control will revert to normal operation. No TV brand code will be stored.

View the full Willow Remote Control user guide here.