Message and Calls

To save a copy of the message on your computer, right click on the Play Active or Play Active icon, and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As..."

Reply to or Forward a Voicemail

You can record and send a voicemail as a response to callers that support voicemail replies.

You can also forward voicemails (as long as they are not marked as private).

If you wish to forward a voicemail to another user that supports voicemail replies, you can forward the message as a voicemail.

Otherwise, you can forward the voicemail as an email to one or more email addresses (the voicemail will be attached to the email as a WAV file).

Leave Someone a Voicemail

This feature enables you to leave voicemails for other users of this voicemail system by recording and sending a message through this website rather than phoning them. You can also record a single message in this way to be left for multiple users rather than phoning them each individually.


Play Active You have an unheard message as a result of this call.

Play Heard You have already heard the message resulting from this call.

Play Deleted A message was left, but it is no longer in your inbox.


Manage your messages either by restoring them to your inbox or by permanently deleting them.

Mailbox Quota

You have restrictions on the total amount of content that can be stored in your mailbox. If you reach this limit, or are close to reaching this limit, you will see a Warning Icon warning icon appear on this page. Clicking on this warning icon will tell you how much content you have, and what your limits are.

If you are close to reaching your limit, then you may wish to delete some of your messages to free up space. If you reach your limit and don't delete any content, you will be unable to receive further messages in your mailbox.

In addition to voicemail content you may be told that you also have "other" content.

  • You may need to permanently delete some of the deleted messages in the "Deleted" tab in order to reduce the size of your mailbox.
  • If you have accessed your mailbox using a remote email client (such as Microsoft Outlook) over IMAP and accidentally moved, for example, emails into your mailbox, such content will take up space in your mailbox. However you will be unable to access it through this website - you will need to use your remote email client again to remove it.

Export Calls

This feature allows you to export lists of your calls as a text file in CSV format. This file can then be stored on your computer, and accessed using a range of other applications such as text editors or spreadsheets. If you run a business, you might for example use the data in this file to help you track the calls you have made and received against individual customer accounts.

Only records for the last 10 calls of each type (missed/dialed/received) are available for export.

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