Adding People, Places and Things

With the advanced features in OMNI IQ you can tailor your internet to fit your life.


Connect your Things (devices) with people in your home network. This allows you to set parental controls, content filters, time limits and so much more.


Places are a great way to tailor your WiFi to devices connecting to a specific area in your home like an office, media room, patio or game room. This allows you to optimize your WiFi performance by being able to pause internet access to devices in locations that don’t need to be on.


You can easily find your network details here to connect a new device to your WiFi.


Add a guest network at anytime and keep your main WiFi network and data safe while you have guests over. You can set a duration and even text the WiFi network name and password to your visitors.


Parental Control (Enhanced)
Provides the ability to set profiles, assign devices, schedule offline time, add content filters, app filters and website filters, and view profile usage.


Network Security
Provides network level protection against malware, viruses, etc.

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